Monday, November 08, 2004


Look we got some stalker, I mean fanmail today:

Shit knows I'm setting myself up for disaster, but I must now know.... who the hell are you? I see we have some reading material in common and you're definitely enjoying a sick sense of humor on your site. If nothing else you're cracking me up. And why only the most depraved woman of the UK? Aside from her romantic assertions and terrible spelling, she didn't seem all that depraved. Come on now, we need a girl going to the level the upside down penis man went to. Let's see.... can I swallow my pride long enough to pass out naked next to the toilet filled with vomit and have a friend snap a pic? Jezebelsriot

DAS SPUNKEN says: Obviously we were a little dissapointed with the response from females in the most depraved competition. I hope fat chick from Doncaster has addressed your lustings for female flesh. We may do another search for..... using the swingers heaven website probably searching for the UK's most depraved Cross Dresser, Transvestite or we may hoist up the mast and set sail for the island of Lesbia. Keep reading good stuff and downloading sub standard websites.

Mr Das Spunken


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9 November 2004 at 14:57  
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