Friday, November 19, 2004


Get down to Chavgos this xmas
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The isles of Argos fill with the clink clank of hooped earings and sovereign rings and the shopping malls of Britain are stuffed with burberry. Thats right folks Xmas time is here again, and one of the coolest new words of the year is CHAV.

No one really knows where the name came from, some say it's a gypsy word for a thief and others say it stands for Council House and Violence.

We at DAS SPUNKEN say do we need new words that mean exactly the same as existing words. Why cant we just just say Slag or scum?

Anyway, in the all embracing style of the SPUNKEN we are about to set up our Xmas campaign to support poor deprived CHAVS who cant really afford a can of White Lightening this Xmas.


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