Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Are you loving it????????????????????????????

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By now everyone is probably aware of McDonald's new ad campaign: "i'm lovin' it," which is an anagram of "ailing vomit." How apt!

Are the people at McDonalds truly ???lovin it????
Especially since the company posted its first ever loss of $231 million last year). The new lovin it campaign has been up and running for a while now and their valued customers don???t really seem to be lovin it.

Everything about the new campaign is engineered to target "the culture of today's consumer." Apparently the culture of today's consumer doesn't mind the implied discrimination with the use of specific grammar and punctuation used in the new slogan. After all, cheapened cultural identity is a small price to pay for discounts on Big Mac value meals. the slogan "i'm lovin' it" is all lower case, using relaxed, non-formal language to reflect the attitudes and culture of today's urban youth.
Using popular hip-hop, R&B, and rap artists in "five cutting-edge, high-energy television commercials" is also a brilliant move on McDonald's part.

The latest face of McDonald happens to be one Justin Timerlake (NOTE TO JUSTIN: how creatively bankrupt do you need to be to start acting like Michael Jackson? What next dressing like Peter Pan and enticing small children into Timberlake Towers)

Ethnic stereotypes have bottomless wallets and are eager to spend their money on grease-saturated hamburgers sold by any company willing to identify with their values. To quote Bill Lamar, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of McDonald's USA:

"It will rekindle the emotional bond our customers have with McDonald's through a campaign that depicts how people live, what they love about life and what they love about McDonald's."

Anyone who has an emotional bond with McDonald's, or anyone who can relate anything they love about life to a company that sells deep fried processed chicken meat should be sectioned under mental health laws. The only bond this campaign is rekindling is that of my ass to the toilet. I'd rather have my skin sand blasted off than eat another pig rectum sandwich from McDonald's.

Finally if this text does find itself being scrutinised by McDonalds legal team just think Supersize me, globalisation protesters, McLibel, downturn in profits, salad marketing strategies not working. Can the worlds number 1 cow reprocessing plant handle anymore negative publicity?


Blogger Ambrose said...

A rare, but good, serious post.

And yes, I am lovin' it, along with the 'Lake.

10 November 2004 at 12:38  

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