Thursday, November 18, 2004


Friends of the Speunken recently sent this rather excellent work sapping game to play with your friends. It's not as good as masturbation or spanking Charlotte Church with a 4 hole ring binder, but it is alot better than inserting 2 Duracell into your rectum. I cant believe they missed ANAL AMBASSADOR -your spoiling us!!!!!!!!!

Adolf Cravat: oh! we got a new game to play. whenver you see a car, look at what it's called and put the word "anal" in front of it
Elton Tumrec: heh
Adolf Cravat: for instance, my cousin steve drives an anal voyager
Elton Tumrec: lol - there was a stupid joke that we started when a guy who was with us at Uni decided it was morally better for him to only deflower a 16-year old girl anally
Elton Tumrec: and we talked about Brian Blessed "going out with her anally"
Elton Tumrec: so now it's become a general phrase. "Oh yeah, we're going out. Anally"
Adolf Cravat: hahaha
Adolf Cravat: andrews sister drives an anal firebird
Elton Tumrec: lol
Adolf Cravat: same here. a lady I work with drives an anal wrangler
Adolf Cravat: that's one the best
Elton Tumrec: that is pretty classic
Adolf Cravat: yesterday I saw an anal avenger
Adolf Cravat: anal rodeo
Adolf Cravat: there's just too many. this game has changed my life
Elton Tumrec: awesome!
Adolf Cravat: anal trailblazer. anal lancer. anal triumph. come on man, it's your turn
Elton Tumrec: I might tell Lord Vader about it - it seems like the sort of thing that would go well on Das Spunken
Elton Tumrec: Anal Mondeo isn't so inspiring
Elton Tumrec: how about Anal Vectra
Elton Tumrec: Anal Corsa
Adolf Cravat: anal vectra is a good one. it sounds like a disease. "oh man, I can't go to work today, my anal vectra is flaring up."
Elton Tumrec: Anal Transit!
Elton Tumrec: Anal Camper
Adolf Cravat: hahaha! anal dart, anal duster, anal navigator, anal admiral
Elton Tumrec: Anal Discovery
Elton Tumrec: Anal Fiesta
Elton Tumrec: that last one sounds like a mass anal party
Adolf Cravat: nice ones!
Adolf Cravat: yeah it does. anal sunfire, that sounds like a serious problem
Elton Tumrec:very very raw!
Adolf Cravat: anal entourage, anal explorer anal intrigue
Elton Tumrec: wow
Adolf Cravat: we were at a resturaunt saturday coming up with all these and yelling them out. people must have thought we were sick. especially when amber shouted "anal triumph!"
Elton Tumrec: pretty brilliant
Adolf Cravat: anal caravan. anal accord. anal viper
Elton Tumrec: accord!
Elton Tumrec: like some political agreement - excellent
Adolf Cravat: like the anal peace talks. brb
Elton Tumrec: ok
Adolf Cravat: i think anal wrangler is still my favorite. it just rolls off the tongue
Elton Tumrec: how pleasant
Adolf Cravat: anal expedition, anal excursion, anal windstar, anal freestyle
Adolf Cravat: anal ranger
Adolf Cravat: anal probe!
Adolf Cravat: anal focus
Elton Tumrec: anal freestyle
Elton Tumrec: classic stuff
Adolf Cravat: I found that one at I'm not gonna get any work done
Adolf Cravat: anal vigor
Elton Tumrec: lol
Adolf Cravat: anal prowler anal crossfire anal equinox anal allure anal citation
Adolf Cravat: why would you name a car the citation?


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