Monday, October 25, 2004


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As promised WONCC is seeking it's first member: Stay tuned to the SPUNKEN for Randalls reply:

Dear Randall,

I am writing from the UK after reading your inspirational document on
Christianity and Cross-dressing. Ever since the age of 21 I thought
that I was different and by the age of 22 I was occasionally wearing my
wives under garments and waiting for her to go to work to try on her
dresses. Like you I had no feelings for men, I remained a happy and
committed member of my local church.

I was wrapped with guilt every time I went to church, I would agonise
over the scriptures for hours to try and find out whether I was a
sinner. I lived with this immense pain for over 5 years until one
Friday night my wife (Janet) was going out with friends, so I decided to
take the opportunity to try on Janets entire wardrobe. To cut along
story short she arrived back home unexpected to find me wearing her
stockings and suspenders and her best blouse. (a cream off the shoulder
number with exceptional sequin work)

She nearly threw me out, said that I made her sick and we nearly got
divorced. She finally began to understand my predicament, when I gave
her a copy of your article and she threw her arms around me and we cried
for hours. We are still very much in love and have a happy marriage and
I would like to thank you for making this possible.

I still love to cross dress in my free time but unfortunately am
registered disabled now. (You try getting an A-line pleated skirt on,
whilst sitting in a wheelchair, it???s difficult.)

I am currently setting up a support group called Worldwide Official
Network of Cross-dressing Christians (WONCC) to help people like you and
me that have a belief in Jesus come to terms with the issues faced by
cross-dressing adults. I would love you to be a Patron of WONCC so
other cross dressers could read your inspirational words on the subject.

Yours thankfully

Kenneth Strands (Lesley)

P.S My wife wants to know if you are a relative of John Wayne who was
also an American.


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