Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Patrick Danaher
Party: Fianna Fail
Ward: Ballyshannon town council

Patrick likes to smoke the green stuff in his home town of Ballyshannon. This tranquil smoky Irish town was alarmed to see Patrick putting a planning application for a 15ft monument to the Kit Kat Chunky. An Irish newspaper said the following:

A Co Donegal councillor has revealed that he plans to go to the High Court to appeal his second conviction for cannabis possession in the space of a year.

29-year-old Patrick Danaher, a member of Fianna Fail and vice-chairman of the Ballyshannon town council, was fined 300 euro following the conviction on January 3rd.

He was also convicted of the same charge last February. Mr Danaher has vehemently opposed calls for his resignation from the council and from Fianna Fail, though he was stripped of the party whip following his first conviction.

He got the boot from the council when he introduced the idea of having 35, 24 hour confectionary stores on Ballyshannon high street. When Patrick put through a declaration stating that all council documentation was to be printed on king size green rizlas his colleagues suspiscion was finally aroused.

Patrick ganja god of the green shamrock land may your marijuana madness reap powerful rewards.


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