Monday, September 06, 2004

Whoops DAS SPUNKEN entrapped a MET police officer!

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We all know what an excellent job the MET do, but nobody would have thought that the crazy murdochs at DAS SPUNKEN would have accidentally entrapped an officer of the law.

Due to legal reasons the details have been changed to protect the almost innocent. (i have called himTJ Hooker) Please read from the bottom up for the full transcript.

Das Spunken

Apologies if it felt like me dictating, anyway appreciate you understanding.
Lets leave it at that.

Thanks again
TJ Hooker

(thats right officer apologise to DAS SPUNKEN)

Dear TJ Hooker

Yes or No???, Listen buddy I'm trying to help you out here, I dont like
being dictated too. I will remove the phone number and yes this is the
mail address. Quite honestly I think the police tech support have
bigger fish to fry. Anyway it's probably one of your mates having a

Das Spunken

Das Spunken,

Just looked on the site again, once again appreciate your understanding.
But have just noticed that at the bottom there is and email address, is this
the email address from which you were sent the ad...??? I know you dont want
to screw anyone over, so a simple yes or no will surfice? Also noticed
while looking at that email address the mobile number is my correct mobile
number which would explain the dodgy phone calls, please remove this too.
Have now checked the remaining and complete ad, noting else relates to me,
so once you have removed my number, everything else can stay.
dont forget your answer, yes or no. And please let me know if you get
anymore emails from this address. Once i get your answer I will be getting
Police Tech Support to monitor the address.

TJ Hooker

Dear Tj Hooker

I will remove the whole post.


Das Spunken

Dear Das Spunken,

Thank you for understanding the situation, however you did not get back to
me with the details of this person who emailed you. They had the balls to
email me your web site address, but via an anonomous email account.

I have to be honest with you, I am a Police Officer for the Metropolitan
Police, and these sorts of things are frowned upon. I would appreciate you
cooperation on this issue, and send me the email address of the person that
sent you the ad as this could be someone from my past messing around, and we
need to look into the matter.

TJ Hooker

Dear TJ Hooker,

Just to explain what happened, From my website DAS SPUNKEN I set up a
practical joke displaying a fake chicks ad on a site called Swingers
Heaven. I was looking to find the most depraved male and female in the
UK. Someone has obviously answered the ad, with their details and your
picture. I am sorry I cannot elaborate any further, the only details I
have are the ones sent to this email which have all been posted onto the
site. As you will see your pic has been deleted.


Mr Das Spunken

To Whom It May Concern,

You have my photo on you web site under the title 'Theres always a XXXXXXX' the guy in the XXXXXXXXX, where did you get this from?
Please can you pass on to me the email/web address where you got this from.
This is not my ad. Someone has been messing around and i'd like to know
who? This anonomous person sent me your web site address from an anonomous
email account so i cant trace it, but you must have sent them something. My
name is NOT XXX! My name is TJ Hooker and to be totally honest I'm really
upset, please could you forward the details of this person who emailed you
onto me and then take my picture off the site. I dont care what you do with
the ad, as these are not my details but please remove my photo.

Please reply with info at the earliest.

Thank you
TJ Hooker


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