Thursday, September 02, 2004

Smilers not too pleased

Well Mr Smiler was so unhappy that sexy Les was not a lady that he threatened the fine people at Das Spunken calling us sick minded and twisted. See the following transcript and our response!

Thank you for your email,
Most people have taken the joke in good grace and laughed about it. If you feel that any insult has been projected towards you please inform me and I will immediately look into it. I look forward to discussing the matter further with my local police officer. As far as I am aware no law has been broken in what I am doing, and I honestly think our local bobby has bigger fish to fry. But I would be happy to discuss at length with the boys in blue the whole affair. Obviously I would have to talk them through your initial email and the pictures you sent featuring several shots of your penis. I will also have to highlight the previous email calling me a "sick minded twisted twat" which in itself is highly offensive as I am not sick. Finally you say that I have sent offensive email. All the emails I have sent to you are logged below and the only offensive email is your own. Have a nice day!
Mr Das Spunken

On Wed, 01 Sep 2004 16:15:11 +0000, "alan pearch">said:> > you sick minded twisted twat how dare you send such insulting> e.mails this has now been sent to the local police neerest to> you and will be actedupon shortly.>


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Smiler is god

6 September 2004 at 14:32  

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