Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Heres a small selection of the derelict minded fools that answered the sexyles female ad

Hi 89131 Texted me your email. My name is Chris, Im 34amd a single guy with no ties or kids in London. Icannot accommodate but willing to travel. Are you upfor a drink and some sex ?I am fun, 6ft, a hunk and love pubs, good company andwork hard. Im not seeking any relationships, just goodclean fun and sex !Why nor email me or phone 07984 741251 and tell meabout you !!Chris

hi there, my name is justin, u can call me j if u want, im 21 years old, can travel and im into no strings sex. i know quite alot when it comes to sex and foreplay. maybe ud like to meet up sometime. im gonna get a new pic taken sometime, maybe ud like me to send u it when i get it done. i hope to hear from u soon, j. xXx

Im a 6ft, hunk with no ties, no kids and am clean,discreet, funny, a smoker and a great body. I am aseasoned traveller and a big reader of porn. I havebeen to strip clubs in the USA, Canada and UK butnothing beats a beautiful seductive blonde ( orbrunette ) with great boobs, shaven pussy and a girlwho wants to be proud of her body.I am a good sucker, licker, kisser and know how toshag beauties. Why not ring me later for a chat ?Chris07984 741251

Hi LesleyMy name is Chris, Im 34 and received your text via 89131. I understand your an ex lapdancer.Im half English, half Chinese, can travel to you ormeet you, should you fancy a night of getting to knoweach other, hard lust and passion, even tonight. whatare your plans ? Are you single ?sadly no photo, but I have a hunky and cuddly body. Mynumber is 07984 741251. Me, single, no kids, no ties! Willing to travel !!!!What's your name ?Figure ? Measurements ?Interests ?
Are you up for getting pissed later and sex ? I wouldlove to dim the lights, play music and let you stripoff every clothes piece seductively whilst I wouldnever touch an erotic stripper. Then you would want anice hard cock in your cunt would you not TONIGHT ?Id be up for a shag ! Why not ring me ????Chris

More to come with some of the most frightening pictures you have ever seen. Obviously I emailed each one so they could see themselves in glorious DAS SPunken colour. Why not give them a call and pretend to be Lesley.


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