Wednesday, September 22, 2004

One of the most underated actors in cinematic history

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As a young spunken of the 80/90's generation I watched the frankly piss poor serial killer thriller Silence of the Lambs.

Like many people of my generation I was truly horrified near the start of the film when Jody Foster first goes to meet Hannibal Lector. A mentalist psychopath jumping around his cell and shouting greets her.

Then literally like a bat out of hell he chucks a handful of man spunk at the delightful frame of suspected lady taster Foster.

The psychopath played by actor Frank Seals Jr was only on screen for a total of 42 seconds but left a lasting impression upon a whole generation.

This man milk protest was the pinnacle of Franks career. Franks career began with Gung Ho (1986) billed as "When East meets West, the laughs shift into high gear!"

The laughs didn't get past first gear and Frank played an umpire in a baseball game. It was 4 years before Frank worked again; in 1990 he landed a part in a made for TV film called Criminal Justice. Frank played a homeless man sleeping in a cattle pen. Obviously impressed with Frank???s abilities, along came The Silence of the Lambs role, which has made Frank a legend of modern film.

Frank only had to wait 1 year before starring in Passed Away where he played the part of a flower deliveryman. Unfortunately Franks career passed away after this. He has no other credits to his name.

Warhol said that everyone would have his or her fifteen minutes of fame. Franks Seals Jr was 14 minutes 18 seconds short of fifteen minutes but his impact would last for years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved Silence of the Lamb. Both actors are underated, but you've got to love that Anothy Hopkins. Superb job, Sir Anthony!

26 September 2004 at 19:20  
Blogger Das Spunken said...

Superb job Sir Antony? I thought he was average. Every actor has one good film in them, I cant think of another good film that Welsh/American Sir Antony has done, can you?

All his stuff post lambs has been Hollywood pap. Frank Seals Jr was the real star. Have you seen his umpire in Gung Ho?

29 September 2004 at 09:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

shite film

29 September 2004 at 12:39  

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