Wednesday, September 29, 2004

No sex on the high seas!

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Das Spunken dispels the Urban myth of the Captain Pugwash Crew.

Contrary to popular belief, the names of his crew were not particularly smutty. 'Master Bates', 'Seaman Staines' and 'Roger the Cabin Boy' (plus the later addition of 'Simon the Bar Steward') being the names often quoted as proving the programme's dodginess. The Guardian was not the only publication which had to make an apology after printing the story that the BBC had withdrawn the program after finding out the dodgy names.

The story may have come about from the name "Master Mate", which seems to have sometimes been slightly mispronounced. In the episode Fair Exchange (BBC video, "Seafaring Tales"), part of Pugwash's final line doesn't sound quite like it is supposed to. Click on the link above to hear pugwash say masterbate! (master mate)


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