Wednesday, September 01, 2004

More depraved respondents

This bloke obviously has been reading too many porno mags:

I would be on a yacht fishing, slowly drifting into the sunset when i notice a beautifull deserted island with nothing but palm trees and bright purple and blue flowers, the evening air is hot i gently pull my tight vest over my head revealing my toned sweaty body i lay on the sand next to a burning fire its getting hotter so thinking im on my own on this island i remove my shorts and underwear now im naked.........................(blah blah blah he shoots his load and)
u tell me to leave the fire to burn down then pull me into the ocean where we swim and cuddle until the moon is high above the island and we fall asleep under the stars doing nothing but holding onto each other tight. changeme"

The only person to have a sense of humour

hello there sexy les,

by the way, as an alan partridge enthusiast, i really appreciate u're posting ad. but can i ask, do u wear vulcanised rubber pants, so they won't perish?

i'm marcus, i'm 24, slim 11st. well defined, dark hazel brown hair, hazel eyes, hazel facial hair, vwe ( code name popular on swingingheaven for a description of meat and two vegg )

what i'd like u to do for me would be just to grind in the most comfortable position which suits u best. but most of all, i'd like to give u the opportunity to test my matchwinning technique in tounge pleasurability.

i rekon i could make the pendulam swing for hours.....but with one condition..........a condition of unadulterated pleasure. i'll be u're slave if u can be mine. it's a give and take race, and i can't beleive i'm coming in with all these cliches, but i rekon u receive hundreds of these mails everyday,

but i would like to further discuss with u the confectionary world thru the 90's-the ripple
vs.flake debate, chocolate banjo's-what went wrong?

lets get together, i think it could be fun,


hi there horny woman,

i am harry from london and you love to be the lucky man who would enjoy your artistic side-i on the other hand-in order to pay you back for what i am sure would be a great show would use my extensive anatomy knowledge in order to please you
no part of your body would be neglected i can assure you!

Dirty Harry!

Wait for Smiler he is great.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why you putting my mails on this site. You a fucking dead man if I find you. Twat

1 September 2004 at 10:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oi miss fisher!

i did not give u permission to publish that!!!!!

wheres my royalties???!!!!

1 September 2004 at 10:54  

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