Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Well all good things come to an end and thank goodness the search for the UK's most depraved man has too. (courtesy of Anyway the following stats were collected:

As a women I received

140 offers of straight sex
98 offers of receiving oral sex
72 invitations to give oral sex
23 offers of anal sex
12 offers of watersport sex (wee)
2 offers of watersports sex (poo)
1 offer of animal sex
1 offer of double penetration

I have come to the conclusion that men are scum!

As a man I was offered

1 offer of straight sex
1 offer of watersports (poo & wee)
2 invitations to give and recieve oral sex

Thats the stats! Now I will post up the advert, responses and winner in the ladies catergories.


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