Friday, September 10, 2004


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Claire Potter
Party: Lib Dem
Ward: Worthing

Claire is unlike many other MP???s and has her own blog, which includes 3 postings the last dated Apil 2004. It says ???I have been very quiet on the posting front recently. The truth is, I have my assessment day date through - the 17th April???. I suppose the lack of any further postings means that you may have fucked up the assessment day.

Worthing has recently taken over from Eastbourne in the most popular pensioner hang out in the UK (bar post offices and mortuaries obviously). A traditional tory heartland, Claire???s blog is an enlightening insight into the mind of Lib Dem politician:

I shall never forget hearing Aquiesque by Oasis for the first time and thinking it was just the coolest thing on the planet. (Oasis went rapidly downhill from there, but that's a different story Hey she is down with the kids!

This is nothing to do with the theme of my blog I know, but I just couldn't let this occasion pass without a mention. Biggedy biggedy bong.

I bet Michael Howard and Tony Blair are shitting in their beds with the thought of you on your way to Westminster. Nice ruff by the way.

Claire keep on lib demming your way into the eschelons of power!


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