Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Ahhh Tuesday morning lets make a call to Smack Converters to see if they really can change my Phillip Collins CD's into hard cash: Here's what happened:

Good morning is that Cash Converters
Yes Sir how can I Help

I have some musical compact discs which I would like to turn into money can you help me?
Yes of course, what are the CDБ─≥s?

Phillip Collins mainly, I just wanted to know how it works
Yeah, we cant really offer that much on older CDБ─≥s. Do you live close by?

Yes I do.
If you would like to come in we are open from 9 til 5 weekdays.

O.K but first I just wanted to know how you are able to turn CDБ─≥s into money?
Sorry, (bored expression) If you come into the shop we can look at the CDБ─≥s and give you a price.

But you can make money out of a CD?
No we, will give you a price for the CD and then we give you the value in money?

Struggling to keep his attention You do loans
His ears prick up Yes sir we can give you a quotation. The best thing is if you can come into the shop.

I would like to but I am disabled (stroke of genius) and my mobility vehicle is currently broken. ThatБ─≥s why I need the loan and why I am having to sell my Phillip Collins compact discs.

Ok Sir I understand now. We can give you quote now, I will need to take some details from you. Do you own your own home?


O.k Good and whatБ─≥s your name and address
Ken Spunds, I need some money and IБ─≥m on 15 Chupa Chups a day you know!

15 Chupa Chupas? I am sorry I think this is going anywhere

I interject Can you turn Garden furniture into money? I have soon garden furniture.

Can I have a loan for my mobility vehicleБ─╕Б─╕Б─╕


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