Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Das Spunken sites of the week

Originally uploaded by das spunken.

Every week on the Das Spunken wewill bring the you finest selection of websites that make your eyes bleed:

www.theonion.com -Read George Bushes blog

www.youknowsit.co.uk -Welsh hip hop at it's finest, from the GLC-apparently you fuckin knows it.

www.b3ta.co.uk -Rob Manual, genius behind female or shemale

www.b3ta.com - Photoshop madness, which we Das Spunken occasionally steals

www.sausagelinks.co.uk - Everything you want to know about meat but were too afraid to ask your local butcher.

www.mrandmrswheatley.co.uk - Excellent site with all sorts of shit. Probably the best site on the internet ever

www.moripula.com -Quality website, quality design-thanks for the wicked logos -the ham shall always remain grey.


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