Thursday, August 12, 2004


Sebastien Schieffer we salute you for being the very first person to ever comment on this site. You win the Das Spunken prize for effiency and interpretation. We would be very interested in hearing your further views on several topics namely:

1. Why did David Hasselhoff have a long lasting highly successful music career during the 1990's.
2. Why did the Scorpions -Wind of change prove to be the most successful number 1 record in German history.
3. The German porn industry, has it hit it's peak or is there more to cum. (sorry couldn't resist that)

Anyway thanks Sebastien and if you are still out there, please contribute again! Here is Sebs informative post in full.

Hello Mr Spunken

I ama german studing English in UK your site is cool and I think many germans will like all of the funny items you talk about.

Das- that Spunken- Spunk is real german meaning of your site.

sebastien schieffer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Spunken!

You are really hitting all the purvasive topics!

Are you quite retarded?

25 August 2004 at 13:34  

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